The '09 Escape was the event that caused Manticore to go haywire and the escape of the X5 subjects.


Sometime in March 2009, twelve X5 subjects escaped from a facility Manticore in Gillete, Wyoming. The escape was prompted by the unit C.O. X5-599, known to the rest of his unit as Zack. Successful escapees along with Zack were Max Guevara/X5-452, Tinga/X5-656, Brin/X5-734, Ben/X5-493, Syl/X5-701, Krit/X5-471, Jondy, Zane, Seth, Vada, and Kavi. Eva was shot by Donald Lydecker during the escape. Jace had been part of this same unit, but elected not to escape.

The group, led by Zack, broke out of Manticore and fled into the forest surrounding the facility. After rendezvousing in a clearing a safe distance from the building, Zack split the group up and sent them in different directions.

The escape prompted Manticore to be even harder than before on its remaining X5s, especially the twins of the escapees, such as Sam/X5-453 and Alec/X5-494. Images of the escapees intercut with words like Traitor, Snake, and Rat were used in indoctrination sessions.

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