Dr. Adriana Vertes was a doctor from Manticore.


Before The Pulse, Manticore offered her a position, even though she had just graduated from John Hopkins University, promising her that she'd be working at the cutting edge of motor-function research and that funding would never be a problem. She worked on series X3 through the preliminary stages of X7—treating injuries, as well as conducted various medical experiments, including her research on how to accelerate osteoregeneration. It is this research that allowed her to help Logan Cale with his paralysis. Later, she transferred out of Manticore because she couldn't bear to perform experiments on children and went down to El Salvador to perform charity work.

Female TroubleEdit

A few years later, X5-798, who is Max's sister Jace, appears to attack her. Fortunately for her, Max was there and was able to fend off Jace. When Logan and Max question her, Vertes claims that Manticore was afraid she could be paid to sell information about the project abroad. A few scientists and doctors had already been killed - Werner Stutzman died in a boating accident, Leopold Pacen drove off a cliff, and at least a dozen others have died in the span of six years.

When Jace faints in the middle of a fight with Max, Vertes examines her and finds her pregnant. She clues Max in on what could possibly have happened to Jace after the escape, and then calls Lydecker to make a bargain for her life. It is revealed that she and Lydecker had some sort of relationship while they were at Manticore.

Lydecker double-crosses her and kills her after she has led them to Jace.