Annie Fisher
Biographical Information
Real Name: Annie Fisher
Species: Ordinaries
Status: Deceased
Character Information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Production Details
First appearance: Hello, Goodbye
Portrayed by: Kandyse McClure


Joshua's short-lived girlfriend, the two meet when Joshua was on his porch due to the fleas in his house and they have a conversation after Joshua realized that she was blind. As the two began getting close, Alec convinced Joshua it was dangerous to see Annie, and he broke up with her.

They met up again later while Joshua was being chased by vigilantes, and he led her into the sewer where he was forced to tell her the truth about himself. Although she was at initially upset, Annie later wanted to feel Joshua to perceive what he really looks like, and understood why he lied to her. She told him to escape and leave her behind, and that she would tell the police he went in a different direction. Unfortunately, Ames White finds her and snaps her neck to frame Joshua for murder.

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