Biographical Information
Species: Ordinaries
Occupation: Seattle Doctor
Status: unknown
Character Information
Production Details
First appearance: Art Attack

History Beverly is the Eyes Only informant at the Medical Examiner's office, although she is not aware that Logan Cale is Eyes Only. She also volunteers at Harbor Lights Medical on a pro bono basis.

Beverly allowed Logan to shoot a corpse in the head in order to "frame" his killer (who had defenestrated the victim rather than shooting him). She was also involved when Max's "brother" Ben arrived in Seattle and began killing people. She alerted Logan and Max to the discovery of a dead body that seemed to be an X5 because of the barcode on its neck, which Max realized had been tattooed there by Ben before he killed the man. Beverly tracked down information from other areas of the country, and informed Logan of a series of bodies turning up with barcodes on their necks.

When a mysterious disease was killing residents of Chinatown, Beverly autopsied a transgenic suspected of carrying the illness. She discovered that the pathogen was not an infectious agent but was instead deliberately released, and targeted to its victims.

Beverly notified Logan when a girl with a barcode turned up at the Harbor Lights clinic. The girl wasn't a transgenic, but a member of a "vampire" cult established by a rogue transgenic, Marrow. She attempted to assist Max and Logan with the girl, who was going through withdrawal from an addiction to Marrow's "supercharged" blood.

Beverly had the idea of transfusing Logan with a transgenic's blood when he was infected with the Manticore virus for the second time and there was no available antidote. The transfusion, from Joshua, was successful and saved Logan's life.

Dr. Beverly Shankar appeared in 5 episodes of Dark Angel:

Season One "Art Attack", "Pollo Loco"

Season Two "Radar Love", "Love in Vein", "Hello, Goodbye"

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