I'm an I.T. Concentrate. A battle processor. I'm basically a general, his staff, two database groups and five logistical support teams all rolled into one stealth package.
— Brain to Max & Alec
Biographical Information
Real Name: Brain
Species: Transgenic
Occupation: Soldier
Status: Deceased
Character Information
Gender: Male
Production Details
First appearance: Brainiac
Portrayed by: Michael Bower

Brain is a transgenic created by the PsyOps division with psychological abilities. Brain is an I.T. Concentrate, a battle processor. He was stationed at Manticore at the same time as Max was. During the time he was fed information about her and the other X5's. He often stayed after classes to learn more about Max in particular.

He has the ability to, through heuristics, "see into the future" and calculate what would be the best cause of action. Brain is also designed so that people forget what he looks like, after they look away from him, therefore making him excellent, despite his physics, at stealth missions.

During the episode "Brainiac" the S1W is captured by the police through an anonymous tip, but with Brain's help, Max figures out that the informant is one of the S1W members.

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