Breeding Cult
Biographical Information
Real Name: Breeding Cult
Objective: create a superior being
Affiliations: Familiars


First appearance: Designate This

The Breeding Cult (part of the Conclave) is a centuries old cult that has practised selective breeding for thousands of years. Sandeman, a former member, left to create Manticore which has the same purpose but embraces artificial DNA manipulation and eugenics.


The purpose of the Breeding Cult is to create the most superior human being possible.

The Breeding Cult opposes genetic manipulation of any kind, as that is the reason that Sandeman was forced to leave, as well as the reason they so hate the Transgenics.

Breeding ProcedureEdit

Males and females are selected to breed for one simple purpose: To produce people with superior abilities, who will eventually rule the world. It is customary for the males and females to have two children, and kill them both. The third child they have is kept alive, while the mother is then killed. Logan Cale discovers its strange brutal practices via an Indian Coloma myth. Donald Lydecker discovered skeletons fitting that practice.

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