Biographical Information
Real Name: Familiars
Leader: Sandeman (Former)


Members: Ames White

Ray White

Objective: Eliminate threats to their culture
Affiliations: Conclave


First appearance: Designate This

Familiars is the name associated to members of the Conclave. They consist of a secret offshoot of humanity that has developed unique traits through generations of controlled breeding, dating back to ancient times. The Conclave believes that they are superior to Ordinaries and plan for a world in which Ordinaries are extinct. However, people born into the Conclave are not inherently evil - Sandeman, for example, turned against them. The Conclave views Sandeman's Transgenics as scum and a threat to their plans.

Special AttributesEdit

Familiars, through the process of selective breeding, have increased their physical strength and endurance and managed to eliminate the feeling of pain.

They are also shown to be able to jump to great heights and have good eye sight.

Some Familiars are noted as being able to perform special mind tricks, such as telekinesis. These belong to a special breeding line. Another special breeding line are the Phalanx, the most formidable warriors of the Conclave.