"So one of the Gossamers is loose in the big city"

Profile Edit

Gossamers are a genetically engineered species created by Manticore. They are not humanoid and cannot pass in society as anything but a genetic creation. They are about two to three feet tall when standing. A Gossamer can be best described as a reptilian retriever or attack dog with some insect qualities thrown in. They also have a great sense of smell and shoot paralyzing goo.

They were designed to be either a retriever or an eliminator. Retrievers were tasked with hunting down rouge operatives by scent. Once found they would disable the target then wait for pickup. The Eliminators kill their target. Retrievers are actually very docile and act like big scaly dogs and but they need something to keep them distracted otherwise they might go on a little rampage.

Trivia Edit

Gossamers bear a striking resemblance to creatures called "bull squids" from the 1998 PC Game Half-Life.