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Species: Anomalies
Status: alive
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First appearance: Designate This

Joshua was a Manticore experiment that became the Transgenics.


An early Manticore experiment, Joshua was engineered with canine DNA and consequently has some unusual facial features, as well as exceptional strength even by transgenic standards. As the very first successful Manticore creation, he has no barcode. He is one of the many genetic "rejects" held prisoner in the secret installation. Joshua avoided being kept in a cage, making his way around inside the basement of the installation secretly. He sometimes fed the caged transgenics.

Max Guevara first encountered Joshua in the catacombs of Manticore, and the two have been trusted friends ever since. He often copies some of the things she says, since he became unused to talking after Sandeman disappeared, and can seem simple but is actually very intelligent. Because of his beastly appearance, Max, Alec McDowell, and Original Cindy must find creative ways to hide him from public view.

Joshua's random paint splashings give Alec an idea to make money passing them off as "art" to a modern art museum, which pays very good money.

Joshua had a brief romance with a blind woman named Annie Fisher, before she was murdered by Agent White to frame the transgenics. After that, he shows that he can paint real pictures by painting many life-like pics of Annie.

He also created the Transgenic flag, with a black stripe on the bottom, a red stripe in the middle, and a white stripe on top. In the middle of the black stripe, there is a barcode. In the middle of the flag, Joshua had painted a white dove, wings spread. According to Joshua, the black represents the darkness from which the Transgenics came. The red refers to the blood shed by and for them, and the white represents the light that they are working towards.

His enormous strength helped turn the tide in the climactic battle with the breeding cultists. He overpowered several of them who had the upper hand against other transgenics, then threw Agent White around like a rag doll. Joshua would have executed him for the murder of Annie if Max had not intervened.

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