Lucy Barrett
Biographical Information
Real Name: Lucy Barrett
Species: Human
Status: Unknown

Jack Barrett (father)
Joann Barrett (mother)
Max Guevara (adoptive sister)
Vicki (maternal aunt)

Character Information
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Production Details
First appearance: Flushed
Portrayed by: Kristie Marsden

Lucy Barrett was a young girl who became Max Guevara's foster sister shortly after Max escaped from Manticore.


In early 2009, while visiting her aunt in Casper, Wyoming, Lucy was in her aunt's yard building a snowman. While trying to lift a giant snowball atop a larger one, Max stepped out from behind a tree and helped her complete the snowman. Lucy questioned Max thoroughly and learned that Max ran away and had no one to take care of her. After Max tells her that the people she ran away from were "strict" and hurt her, Lucy suggested that Max hide away in her mom's vehicle when they leave. Lucy hides Max under a blanket and they leave Casper. After a brief stop in Utah, they arrive in Los Angeles, California. When Max awakens, she finds that Lucy has told her mom, Joann, about Max's situation.

"Yeah. Except...I think Mia put the whammy on me again, because I have no idea what we just talked about."
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