Medium is the Message
{{{season}}}, 9
Joshua painting
Air date December 14, 2001
Written by Michael Angeli
Directed by Jeff Woolnough
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Gill Girl


Logan Cale gets an appeal from a mother to look into a kidnapping case, through Eyes Only. Meanwhile, Joshua discovers a latent talent for modern art and things take an unexpected twist when it turns out that the boy is the son of Max's nemesis, Mr. White, whose wife has no idea of his work. The twists get deeper and deeper, however, when the kidnappers appear to be transgenics. Further compounding the matter is a detected connection between RCF, which presumably got Lydecker killed, the Manticore symbol, and the transgenic kidnappers (RCF would be the organization Madame X worked for). The realization that the apparent transgenics are, in fact something else entirely, comes to the fore as first the kidnappers, then Mr. White, reveal themselves to have transgenic-like abilities during a pair of fights with Max. In the end, Mr. White is revealed to be the boy's kidnapper, his son destined for training like that which made him what he was. Joshua, meanwhile, meets the gallery owner, who, instead of being repulsed by his canine appearance, understands the qualities she sees in his artwork is caused by it.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Emily Holmes: Wendy Olsen-White
  • Claudette Roche: Rita
  • Brayden Bullen: Ray White

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