Biographical Information
Designation: Unnown
Species: Anomalies
Status: Deceased
Character Information
Production Details
First appearance: Radar Love


An early Manticore experiment this transgenic was a failed one. His complete left side was only a big, deformed tumor. His arm on the left side was only a poor, crippled mockery or the limb. He limbed and seemed to constantly bleed from the sores and wounds on his body, which was littered with cancerous tumors.

Radar LoveEdit

In "Radar Love" the Overcoat Man was seen in China Town during the course of several pandemic incidents which lead the Police under Matt Sung and Eyes Only to the conclusion that the roaming transgenic must be the cause of these. Max tells them they have the wrong one.

The Overcoat Man rents a room at a hotel in China Town. Curious, the hotel owners son climbs up the fire escape to spy on the strange-looking Transgenic through the window. When the ladder gave the boy is saved from a death by falling by the Transgenic who pulls the boy into his room with ease. Alerted by the boy's cries for help Sung and another police officer storm the room and shoot the transgenic without waiting for an explanation.

Later Dr. Beverly Shankar reveals after an autopsy that the pathogen that has killed the Chinese people in China Town did not come from the transgenic.

OvercoatMan Autops1

Left side of the Overcoat Man, after the autopsy

OvercoatMan Autops2

Right side of the Overcoat Man, after the autopsy

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