Unnamed Female Panther Transgenic
■Panther Girl (She-Beast)
Biographical Information
Real Name: N/A
Species: Transgenic, Anomalies
Status: Unknown, presumed deceased
born: Unknown
Age: Unknown


Character Information
Gender: Female
Production Details
First appearance: Proof of Purchase
Portrayed by: Deb Macatumpag

One of Manticore's early genetic experiments, an unnamed female resembling a panther, escaped from the Manticore facility during the explosion in 2020 to the Terminal City underground system, where she was killed by Alec.

History Edit

Alec McDowell, under duress from Ames White to kill three transgenics in exchange for his own life, tracked her to the sewers of Terminal City with Max Guevara whilst seeking Joshua, where she had presumably been killing dogs. Alec became separated from Max and was attacked by the panther girl. Alec struggled and she was stabbed in the side with Alec's knife and keeled over. Alec then cut off her barcode and delivered it to White as proof of the kill.

Appearance Edit

As with most early transgenic experiments, she displays some of the external features of the animals her DNA was spliced from - in her case, a panther. Presumably she is one of the genetic "rejects" hidden under the Manticore facility, like Joshua, however as she has a barcode she must be one of the later test subjects.

Personality Edit

She displayed little evidence of intelligence, behaving in the manner of a feral cat. She did not speak apart from making a few animalistic growls during the fight with Alec. The fact that she went out of her way to kidnap and kill dogs was probably response to urges brought on by an instinctual hatred of dogs. However, the fact that she displayed considerable fighting prowess suggests that Manticore considered her either intelligent or reliable enough as a soldier (i.e. able to follow orders) to be trained in hand-to-hand combat for potential future field missions.

Behind the Scenes Edit

She only appeared in Proof of Purchase and was portrayed by Deb Macatumpag, an experienced actress and stunt woman.

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