The Phoenix Project, as described in The Eyes Only Dossier, is a secret American black ops military project aimed at restoring American political and military supremacy in the aftermath of The Pulse.

Manticore supplied the project with four X5 series supersoldiers: Devon/X5-472, Jewel/X5-657, Keema/X5-735 and Lane/X5-600. Alec/X5-494 and Jace/X5-798 were also considered for the project, but were deemed to need further disciplining. Sam/X5-453 was transferred to the industrial espionage section of Covert Ops instead.

The four X5s, codenamed Arizona Unit, were on deep cover missions for the Phoenix Project when Manticore was destroyed. They were unaware of Manticore's destruction and remained committed to their missions. Lane assassinated the Pope in Rome on December 24, 2020 and blew himself up when it became apparent that he could not avoid capture. On January 14, 2021, Jewel left a message on Donald Lydecker's voicemail suggesting that she would head to Moscow, probably on a mission to assassinate the Russian president. The locations and objectives of Devon and Keema are unknown.

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