Proof of Purchase
Season 2, Episode 3
Air date October 12, 2001
Written by Tommy Thompson
Directed by Thomas J. Wright
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Max takes a bite out of crime when canine-enhanced Joshua goes on a rampage in Seattle. After reports surface of a wild mutant attacking families in the area, Max fears that the recently escaped Manticore experiment may be behind the carnage. Determined to stop him before Renfro's henchman do, Max reluctantly recruits an unlikely ally: Manticore turncoat Alec. But as they begin to see that the dog-man's attacks are actually a hunt for his elusive creator, Alec reveals a dark side that puts both Max and Joshua in a perilous situation. Meanwhile, Lydecker makes a disturbing discovery that hints at big secrets surrounding Max's true origins.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Rob LaBelle: Engel
  • Janet Wright: Annie the Announcer
  • Deb Macatumpag: She-Beast
  • Ryan DeBoer: X6-252
  • Brittany Cuevas: Max age 6
  • Norman Armour: A Young Sandeman

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