Biographical Information
Designation: X5-205
Species: X5
Occupation: Mechanic
Status: alive
Character Information
Production Details
First appearance: The Kidz are Aiight

X5-205, or "Zane", is one of the twelve X5s who successfully escaped from Manticore in 2009.



Not much is known about Zane before or after the escape. He is revealed to be working as a mechanic in Los Angeles. Zack remembers that Zane has a German shepherd as a pet dog. The dog reminded Zack of the kind they had back at Manticore, only Zane's was nicer. Like Syl, Tinga, Jondy and Krit, Zane relocated after Zack's knowledge of their whereabouts was compromised by Manticore and Eyes Only made a broadcast warning the X5s to flee.